A state-level winner of spell bee, an international contest played all over the world. She has represented her school ‘’ Shri Shikshayatan” in this competition and cleared several rounds brilliantly. Although she is 13 years old, her mind and personality are one level up. ‘Anushka Bhattacharya” is an example to every other girl who is marked as “Dumb” and “Stupid”. She has won many recognitions and medals on several contests. Her achievements are indeed commendable. When we asked her that what made her take studies so seriously she said: “It’s also another hobby and education is the best thing one can get.”  Not just that but Mathematics is a strict no-no to other kids of this generation but this girl has won a Gold Medal in Math Olympiad in the year 2018, also other competitions like Quiz, Clash of pi, etc.

Spell bee- State level winner

It’s a competition in which the students are asked to spell a board selection of words, usually, the difficulty levels are quite high. It’s a process where one has to write the word correctly with various letters. But there are different types like there are the Jumble words, where the letters are jumbled and they have to be written correctly ,another is the Rhyme words where one word will be given and the others need to  be written with the same rhyme and the last is the dictation where the teacher would dictate the word and the students will write the spelling. While one passes the various levels in school and reach the state level, then there will be the oral round where the words will be spelled correctly by the students. And thus Anushka has cleared till the state level and won the gold certificate. Anushka says ‘’I was really nervous before the competition but I am happy that I made it till here and I hope I would definitely improve more and clear the nationals next time.”


The hard work behind her success

There is a root cause behind every success and here it’s hard work and support of parents. Anushka’s roots have been made strong by the constant efforts of her parents. Since a kid, she was taught to be serious about her studies and not to take it so casually. Her school gave her different platforms to showcase her talent, not only on studies but also on other co-curricular activities. Becoming the state level winner was not easy, she had to read the reference books and practice a lot. Not just practice but literally living on it. She made sure she didn’t miss out anything.


A super kid-

Anushka says that she loves to read. Her favorite writer is Chetan Bhagat. Her favorite role model is her sister. She even loves dancing and cannot explain her love for it. This 13-year-old kid takes the challenge of balancing both studies and creative paths, quite in an amazing way. Not to forget that she has also won a Gold Medal for Math Olympiad. And when we asked this 13-years old about her favorite quote she said that its “Nobody remembers the man who gave up”.  She believes that no one remembers people who gave up and this thought inspires her every time whenever she feels like giving up.

You can check out our interview with Ms. Anuskha- https://youtu.be/iFpErW7d8TU


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