To travel across the cities and winning battles is not easy for every teen but  this girl from Mumbai turned the statement wrong. This Punjabi girl has hit the ground with disco beats so hard that every time she grooves with the music people become amazed.



Now a days kids do not just master in classical dance but also in western whether its Hiphop, Breaking, Locking and Waacking. Waacking is an international dance form which has brought a new definition to the dancers. Many famous waackers like Kumari Raj, Mekhola Bose Teej, etc have made their marks. Winning several battles on waacking “Anushi Singh” has also made her mark successfully. She is a part of Natures Play Crew.


She kept on travelling across the country and started winning battles in the Waacking category on battles like Rep Your Style, Beat me in the arena, The eve’s kombat,etc. Recently she has won the biggest fest Crafts of passion at Kolkata on waacking fighting against 16 candidates. Not just these but this girl rocks wherever she goes whether its Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Goa, etc.  Not just waacking but she has won prizes for all style categories too.


Waacking is a dance form which started during 1970’s by the LGBT Gay club. Its basically done on disco beats by moving the arms and it includes poses and few postures. It’s a form by which the Homosexuals expressed themselves later it became extremely famous and started to be adapted by a lot of people.

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Being from a conservative family it was not easy for this Punjabi girl to make her dreams come true but  her sister was always there to support her and she didn’t let her down. “Anushi” says that she feels blessed about dancing and feels its gifted as she has been dancing since the day she learnt walking. It was not easy for her to go alone to the cities and perform but she feels that if you want to achieve something just believe in yourself. She is ready for more such battles and preparing herself for more such prizes.Her story is really motivating and has a deep message that one should pursue whatever he/she feels like, irrespective of what society thinks.

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