Internships and opportunities (Shrey)

Carrying forward the legacy of Sochsahara, we are here with another new initiative, Shrey.

Shrey would be a great platform.

One ground for all opportunities, internships and job vacancies. Preparing everyone for a grand success in the respective arena of their interest and passion.


Shrey will Not only Reduce the gap between beneficiaries and benefactors but also to Bridge it. It was a great dream for us and now we have launched it officially, under the name, Shrey (Shrey means credit).


The main idea and reason to create Shrey were, “Everyone is having the potential (In some form or other) but everyone is not getting the opportunity.” Here we are not only reducing the gap by informing about the opportunity but also proving pinned details like direct application form links, last date to apply, stipend, other eligibilities criteria, and every other important detail.

Hoping that Shrey will touch and transform millions of lives.

Wishing you a grand success,

Love and gratitude,