The side hustle is following your heart (passion) in leisure time. It is monetizing your passion.

Many of us are into professions, where we are earning enough to fulfill our daily needs strategically but on the other hand, it’s not what our heart wishes to do. So, let’s separate our work self from our personal self.

Following your heart will make your life rather than leading a robotic life. Break the boundaries around your heart and start growing up along with growing old. It’s not just: I am going to teach my younger brother every Sunday. It’s: in my free time; I am going to take tuition class and earning from it. Try it once and you can feel the world around so awesome and it has never been the same as before.

I am a doctor, and I have met many friends, many of them are passionate about medicine and some are very efficient and skilled in their profession and still want something else in their life. Their passion is something else. A side hustle gives us perspective on your job. If you don’t have it, you get so immersed in what you are doing as the primary job that a piece of you, inside, gets deteriorates.

The side hustle is very important for peace of mind and self-satisfaction.

Don’t look at a side hustle as a secondary revenue stream or a passion. So, how to manage the two?  Is the most widely asked question. I just suggest you to “Combine the two”.People having similar passion and interest will take out time from their schedule and dedicate it to their passion. If you surround yourself with such people there is a great chance of you being motivated.

If you share the same passion then this would be icing on the cake. You will love them. Moreover, if you are thinking about or starting your own business, you need to rely on people even if it’s your idea and you’re passionate about it. You still need to have kindred spirits to help you

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Dr. Aishwarya Bansal
Intern at DMIMS

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